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07 November, 2015

The real reason the West actually doesn't want refugees in Western soil

by system failure

There is a huge hypocrisy in process by some mouthpieces in the Western world concerning the huge refugee problem. In front of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster where people are losing their lives almost in everyday basis in the Mediterranean sea grave, some decided to test our intelligence.

A specific narrative has been circulated lately, according to which, Europe needs refugees as a useful workforce. Apart from the brutality behind this kind of thinking, which implies that humans are useful only as a tool for the production of goods, this perception is highly untrue and hypocritical.

Certain circles in Germany had circulated recently this perception, trying to persuade that Germany has no reason to block refugees who seek a better life far from the hell of the Middle East, for which the West is responsible to a high degree.

Well, this "civilized" stance collapsed rapidly and Germany decided to block the refugee flow in its soil. European countries act by their own and build walls against refugees. No European common policy, no solidarity, nothing has been left to remind us the values on which the European Union has supposedly been built.

The huge hypocrisy continued by the lobbies-dominated European Commission, declaring that 3 million asylum seekers to arrive in the European Union by 2017, would boost the EU economy. One could make a simple thought: why EU needs additional workforce with so much unemployment already? Just look at the facts: only in the devastated Greece, a small fraction of the EU economy, there are nearly 1.5 million unemployed.

The reality is exactly opposite of that promoted by the European hypocritical puppets. Lobbies, represented by the big banks and corporations, need to dump unnecessary and costly human workforce, as they hyper-automate production. Despite the unprecedented disaster by the neoliberal policies to the Greek economy the last five years, the euro-puppets insist on these policies in order to finish the Greek experiment.

Things have changed today dramatically. The big capital is breaking the social contract. Not only doesn't need additional human workforce, but needs to dump more of it, as being costly and unnecessary.

A certain mechanism is mobilized by the plutocrats who control all the decision centers. On the surface, the politicians-puppets need to maintain the official line which the European Union supposedly represents: the respect of human rights, which is expressed by the "welcome" of refugees, even as a useful workforce. This is necessary to mitigate the reactions by thousands of European citizens who are motivated by pure humanitarianism in favor of the refugees.

However, the dark part of this mechanism is functioning according to the hidden agenda. The refugees is only an additional trouble which must be dumped with the rest of the "useless" workforce. Someone has to do the dirty job: extreme nationalists and fascists will do it. Historically, they had been mobilized every time the big capital needed them.

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