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02 November, 2015

More than 3,000 killed in Iraq during October

During October, tallied 3,071 killed and 1,160 wounded. These figures are lower than those counted last month. At least 3,974 were killed in September, and another 1,613 were wounded.

Scanning the media reports, Antiwar found that 528 civilians were reported killed, and another 602 were wounded. Security forces lost 168 members, while another 229 were wounded. The greatest number of reported casualties was among the militant groups. At least 2,375 were reported killed. Another 329 were wounded.

These casualty numbers should be considered estimates. The true figures may never be known. There is evidence that the Iraqi government is undercounting deaths among their security forces and possibly exaggerating militants deaths.

At least 171 were killed in the latest violence. Only one person was reported as wounded.

In Mosul, militants executed a dozen teenagers who were attempting to flee their control.


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