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05 November, 2015

Endless: Another child dead in the Mediterranean sea grave

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Men of the Greek Coast Guard pulled the body of another child drowned in the sea area Psalidi of Kos, while managed to rescue ten refugees.

According to the Athenian agency, the refugees aboard a dinghy, were found in the sea, 250 meters from the shore. Four people were missing, as they said, which were found later by the coast guard alive and in relatively good condition in a shore of Kos.

1 comment:

  1. stop the rescues.... the problem will end. They all have cell phones!

    We cannot save the world - especially if every failed culture empties its poor and displaced on its neighbors.

    The world is going to get much much tougher.... empathy is a luxury in a world where a breeding African means fewer Giraffes.

    Sorry... I vote giraffe.