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18 October, 2015

Demonizing pro-people policies

An old story

by system failure

During his recent interview to Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders tried to defend hard the socialist policies that he represents. It is remarkable that the brainwash of the American people by this brutal system still has significant power, through the demonization of these socialist policies which benefit them! Many people still accept the neoliberal catastrophe as the only 'realistic' option for a stable society. The ghost of McCarthyism still stands strong above the American society.

However, it is certain that people start to change, and the best proof in Sanders case is that the social media declared him winner in the recent Democratic debate, instead of the corporate media who did everything to present Hillary Clinton as the winner.

This "demonization process" by the banking-corporate establishment is not a new tactic. In fact, it has been applied again back in early thirties, right after the burst of the Great Depression. Coincidence?

Remember, Franklin Roosevelt faced negative criticism from across the political spectrum. The American economic elite criticized him because it didn't want to pay extra taxes for the "New Deal" implementation.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court moved against him, considering that many legislative settings of the "New Deal" were unconstitutional. Propaganda had been unleashed by the economic elite, in an attempt to baptize the policies of "New Deal" as Socialist or even Communist, something which happens today in America, but in Greece as well, and, the entire Western world.

A quote from a Roosevelt's speech is characteristic: “A few timid people, who fear progress, will try to give you new and strange names for what we are doing. Sometimes they will call it 'Fascism,' sometimes 'Communism,' sometimes 'Regimentation,' sometimes 'Socialism.' But, in so doing, they are trying to make very complex and theoretical something that is really very simple and very practical.

The demonization propaganda is launched every time that a "radical" comes to disturb the plans of the ruling elite. Tsipras in Greece has been defeated for now, but the ruling class couldn't avoid the rise of Corbyn in UK, Iglesias in Spain and Sanders in US.

Think about it. These guys are called "radicals" by the dominant system mechanisms, just because they want to defend whatever can be saved from the Tsunami of the neoliberal barbarism. They are not even close to the real Left radicalism.

The banking mafia will fight Sanders fiercely. Let's not forget that “On December 1 [2010], the Fed was forced to release details of 21,000 funding transactions it made during the financial crisis, naming names and dollar amounts. Disclosure was due to a provision sparked by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The voluminous data dump from the notoriously secret Fed shows just how deeply the Federal Reserve stepped into the shoes of Wall Street and, as the crisis grew and the normal channels of lending froze, the Fed effectively replaced Wall Street and money centers banks in terms of financing.” (

Will Sanders manage to become the new Roosevelt, bringing another "new deal", with the power of the American people?

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