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09 September, 2015

The debate for the snap elections in Greece

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Today, the debate between the political leaders of the Greek parties concentrates the interest of the Greek voters. Many are still undecided on what to vote, as there is an atmosphere of disappointment especially among the Leftist voters, after Tsipras' surrender to the creditors and the new "deal" which contains a new catastrophic memorandum.

The Greek voters will basically have three choices:

Choose the old political system (New Democracy, PASOK), who destroyed the country, which will adopt every detail of the Greek experiment under creditors' orders without question. The new neoliberal party River, can be considered that belongs in this club.

Choose the catastrophic memorandums imposed by the creditors under a new political system (SYRIZA, Independent Greeks), hoping that things may change in future inside the euro prison.

Choose between the anti-memorandum parties (Popular Unity, Greek Communist Party, Golden Dawn), who, more or less, adopt the perception that Greece must write off a big portion of public debt and exit eurozone to recover. There are, of course, huge ideological differences between these parties.

Tsipras is already receiving much pressure from the media and the old political system to cooperate under a coalition government according to the Brussels-Berlin axis plans, although he is focusing against the old corrupted political system and declared that he will not cooperate with it.

Continuous updates

Debate will start at 21:00 Greece time at the Public Hellenic Broadcaster (ERT).

Lafazanis (Popular Unity): The return to national currency was a forbidden discussion. The choice of national currency is not a destructive choice. The national currency will create jobs and enhance exports. The transition from common currency to national currency is absolutely possible.

Koutsoumpas (Greek Communist Party): Our proposal is total different from that of Popular Unity. We support the total decoupling from the EU and the eurozone, otherwise Greeks will suffer from new cruel measures. Greece has big productive possibilities, must write-off debt and develop economy outside the structures of the EU.

Kammenos (Independent Greeks): We must create free tax zones in Greek islands. We have failed to abolish the bad tax ENFIA [additional property tax imposed by Greece's creditors]. 

Tsipras (SYRIZA): We will not deliver education to the market. 

Meimarakis (New Democracy): We will promote private universities. Tsipras hates whatever is private and wants to tax it. 

Lafazanis (Popular Unity): The public educational and health system needs upgrade and therefore we have to fund them. We must leave eurozone for this purpose because memorandums are the destruction of our country. 

Gennimata (PASOK): We must persuade that the migrants problem is a European problem. Greece can't handle it alone.

Koutsoumpas (Greek Communist Party): European Commission should act through direct flights and ships to transfer the refugees and migrants to go to their destinations. Greece can't handle this crisis alone. 

Theodorakis (River): Europe should be ashamed of this picture [refugees, migrants]. Europe must deal with this problem.

Lafazanis (Popular Unity): The dirty European establishment is responsible for the wars in Middle East and therefore for the refugees-migrants problem. 

Tsipras (SYRIZA): Together with Renzi we put the refugees problem in the European Summits. 

Lafazanis (Popular Unity): There is nothing wrong to create relations with other countries. We have signed a deal about a gas pipeline with Russians of huge importance and this deal must be completed. 

Koutsoumpas (Greek Communist Party): We have only seen disasters being members of NATO (Cyprus invasion, participation in military campaigns, problems in country's sovereign rights). Russia is a big imperialistic force and it is wrong to say that will help Greece without asking rewards. 

Gennimata (PASOK): The country has only one strategy: to remain in the EU and the eurozone.

Meimarakis (New Democracy): [To Tsipras]: You had led us to a useless referendum. (!) 

Lafazanis (Popular Unity): Memorandum means sell off public property. The two biggest ports will be sold off. Nowhere has happened. We must get rid of the troika junta. 

00:10 End of the debate: No surprises. More or less, this was something that someone should expect.

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