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13 September, 2015

Solidarity to refugees by the European people

14,000 Germans protest against xenophobia in Hamburg

Thousands of Germans have taken to the streets of Hamburg in a major demonstration supporting tolerance and democracy, while a protest by a far-right movement for a "day of German patriots" was banned. A peaceful rally in the German port city of Hamburg has gathered at least 14,000 people on Saturday, according to police estimates, dpa news agency reported.”

On Saturday, European capitals were flooded with people making a stand against the current refugee policies of their governments. Over 30,000 Danes gathered in Copenhagen to voice their support for thousands of refugees, who have chosen their country as a shelter from war, according to the police. They were shouting 'Refugees are welcome,' and their banners read 'Europe is the closest neighbourhood to Syria,' The Local reported.”

Solidarity With Refugees: Tens of thousands turn up for support march in London

Tens of thousands of people have poured onto London’s streets, taking part in a rally to support those striving to get to the UK amidst an unprecedented refugee crisis. Newly elected Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined the demonstrators. Nearly 89,500 people confirmed they would attend the demonstration in support of the asylum seekers by registering at the Solidarity with Refugees group on Facebook. The event was called on the eve of a meeting of EU interior ministers scheduled for Monday, September 14, to discuss the European response to the refugee crisis.”

The Solidarity with Refugees group wants to persuade Prime Minister David Cameron to accept to the UK more than the 20,000 refugees he pledged to let into the country this week. The first thing the new leader of the UK Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, did after winning the election with a landslide 59.5 percent of the vote in the first round, was joining the rally in support of refugees.”

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