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25 September, 2015

Obsolete Greeks insist on euro

... while others buying gold - prepare to abandon it!

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At the same time that Greeks have chosen the euro-currency 'at all costs', most countries are preparing themselves for a new disaster, which may come sooner than we think and no one knows its exact nature and scale.

Although the number of Greeks who have chosen not to participate in the latest electoral process reached record highs, the result of the elections showed that the vast majority is not ready to abandon euro. And this is a fact, despite the catastrophe of the Greek economy the last five years inside euro. A huge price that the country paid and will continue to pay in order to remain bounded with the 'wonderful' financial dictatorship, called eurozone.

But the Greek insanity does not end here. And that's because only a few seem to realize the fact that Germany itself loses its trust to the common currency. That's why its central bank, as well as the central bank of Netherlands, and other countries, are buying, or, are bringing back their gold.

Most of them are getting ready for the plan B, exactly because euro - as well as dollar - is losing value and its role as a reserve currency. And this is another proof that euro is only a tool for the desirable policies to be imposed, and the real wealth of Greece and other countries to be sold off.

The fierce propaganda by the mainstream media a week before the Greek referendum didn't manage to make Greeks approve the austerity measures. They clearly voted 'OXI' (NO).

But, the five-year unprecedented mainstream media propaganda managed to make Greeks fear to abandon euro. What else, an already ruined country, can expect from this currency?

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