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16 September, 2015

Arab nations 'paying back' to Europe for its destructive Middle East policy

Europe has committed three major sins in the Middle East which have recently provoked the chaos and instability in the region, an author for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote. The first sin was conquering Middle East countries to take away their resources and enslave their people, the article read. The second one was to give 'independence' to the enslaved nations. England and France were playing god when their governments decided to create entire new states, mark the borders and appoint their rulers, the author claimed. [...] Finally, Europe refused to bear responsibility for its past mistakes, the author pointed out.”

While thousands of people are dying, Europe, which is responsible for the disaster, is washing its hands of the issue.”

Until now, none of the European nations have taken serious measures to settle the crisis. Maybe, if the ongoing refugee crisis shatters Europe’s stability to its core, European countries will begin to tackle the problems they provoked long ago, the author concluded.”

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