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14 August, 2015

Greece: Brussels bureaufascists' plans go well

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The new memorandum between Greece and its creditors was voted by the Greek parliament. However, the coalition government marked new losses falling below the psychological margin of 120 MPs (118). Concerning SYRIZA, 32 SYRIZA MPs voted "no", 11 voted "present".

According to governmental sources, Alexis Tsipras will request a procedural vote of motion of no confidence for the government after August 20.

The new national elections in Greece appear unavoidable, probably during September. Earlier, top SYRIZA MPs who belong to the radical part and voted "no", for the new agreement, indirectly declared their "divorce" with SYRIZA, among them, the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoi Konstantopoulou and Panagiotis Lafazanis who declared a pan-Hellenic movement against the cruel memorandum.

Zoi Konstantopoulou tried to sustain all the democratic procedures in the Greek parliament, so that the Greek MPs could study what they would vote for. Unfortunatelly, the Greek parliament, under the euro-dictatorship pressure, rushed to vote for another "deal" which will lead the Greek economy to further recession.

It is characteristic that a short "civil war" took place between Konstantopoulou and SYRIZA MPs close to Tsipras' environment, who were pushing for a fast vote process for the new "deal" to be passed. The split of SYRIZA should be considered almost certain.

It appears that Brussels bureaufascists' plans evolve as they want:

In the script according to the eurozone, the expected ending is: Syriza splits; finance minister Varoufakis makes good his pledge not to sign a surrender and resigns. A government of the centre-left forms, with Alexis Tsipras now allied to the centrist Potami party and with tacit support from a liberal wing of the New Democracy party. Debt relief happens, but on the terms dictated by the lenders, and Syriza survives to complete its mutation into a centre-left social democratic party.

... the European bureaufascists studied SYRIZA's internal political “geography” very carefully, and one of the reasons that they insisted on catastrophic measures, fully aligned with the German leadership, was to remove the "annoying barrier" of the Left platform, according to the plan.

Update: Zoi Konstantopoulou during her speech in the parliament early this morning said "I won't defend the Prime Minister anymore ..."

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  1. Greece HAS to exit the Eurozone. It can maybe become a member like the UK and other nations, but it HAS to regain its Monetary Sovereignty. The way things are looking the country will become a beggar in Europe what with forced asset sales and anything else it might normally use to pay its way.
    The Troika are straight out gangsters, with complicit banks. When one thinks all bank loans are just credit creation form this air, it's abit rich to insists real assets are used to pay back the principals when even the banks can't use that money. It just goes to writing down the principal which then is zeroed out of existence. So , Greece should repudiate all loan principals and negotiate only on the interest. because only the interest is what will be left with the banks anyway. There is NO moral obligation regarding bank borrowing in this age of credit creation of finance!