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Greece: Political games upon a devastated country

Conclusions from the debate on vote of confidence

by system failure

The Greek government took the vote of confidence as expected today ( The collapsing government in panic, tries to find ways to surpass the second biggest barrier in about four months for the election of the new President of Greece to replace Karolos Papoulias. Today, Samaras' coalition managed to collect marginally 155 votes, but according to the Greek constitution, at least 180 votes in the parliament required for the election of the President of Greece, otherwise the country should proceed in national elections.

Until February 2015, when the crucial election for the President of Greece will be held, there will be a culmination of political war and political games. Already, prior to this vote of confidence, a former member of Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy), MP NIkitas Kaklamanis, has returned to the party, verifying that the government uses all kinds of tactics to stay in power: “The coalition government numbers 155 MPs in Parliament after Nikitas Kaklamanis announced his return to New Democracy’s parliamentary group on Thursday. Mr. Kaklamanis explained that he responded to the PM’s call for historic party members to unite and agreed to return after a private discussion.” (

The Kaklamanis case is similar to that of Markopoulos-Soldatos: “Ex-independent MPs, Markopoulos and Soldatos were also called out to support government, in order to enhance the week majority of the government in Greek parliament and justify Samaras' call for 'unity in difficult times'. According to this new disorientation tactic, the supposed displeased - with catastrophic policies - MPs, withdraw their support to governmental parties, stay in the ice as independent MPs, and when things are getting difficult, they return back to their parties and government coalition. The Markopoulos-Soldatos case is characteristic, since after leaving Nea Dimokratia, they re-elected with 'Anexartiti Ellines' political party, in order to validate their stance against catastrophic policies imposed by the troika lenders, but in the first chance, left from party and stayed in ice as independent MPs, in order to be ready for their come back to Nea Dimokratia”. (

Some independent MPs in the Greek parliament declared that the election of the President of Greece in February 2015 is a different case and left an open door to approach government until then, having in mind, of course, to request for some "rewards".

The political bargain does not end here. Some members of the Socialists and other Independent MPs spoke about a unified government of "national consensus", including SYRIZA, and probably think that Samaras and Venizelos are ready to abandon leadership of their parties which form the government coalition.

It is characteristic that all the mainstream media reproduced these statements, as being a major issue for the next months. This is a characteristic picture of a system which understands that there is no chance to regain control of the country without the participation of the Left in a new government. The systemic establishment now surrounds the Left and tries to force it to compromise according to its interests, so that the Greek experiment would not be interrupted. (

It seems that Europeans and especially Berlin start getting used to the idea that a Leftist government in Greece is quite probable quite soon. The behaviour of Merkel to Samaras during his last visit in Berlin (, as well as the pressure on France and Italy by the EU officials to amend budgets in order to avoid rejection and adopt "deeper structural economic reforms" (, is also a first signal from the European neoliberal economic empire to any possible Leftist coalition in Greece, not to dare to dispute the catastrophic policies imposed by the Troika.

The first clouds, however, already gathered in Germany too (, showing that, sooner or later, the catastrophic policies will have a serious impact at the heart of the eurozone. In case that a Leftist government in Greece escape the control of Berlin, it will probably trigger a domino of anti-neoliberal forces throughout Europe and this is the last thing that the European economic oligarchy would like to see.


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