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How the Americans created the al-Qaeda myth prior to 9/11 attacks in order to invade Afghanistan and Iraq

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Day 900: Julian Assange still in prison

failed evolution   World's number one political prisoner, Julian Assange, still in high security prison for exposing horrendous war crimes carried out by the US imperialists and their allies.   The ruthless Western imperialist regime wants to punish the No1 real journalist in the world and make him an example for any Whistleblower or real journalist who will attempt to expose its big crimes in the future.   The only thing that stands between the ruthless imperialists and their plans to exterminate Julian Assange are the thousands of people protesting against his extradition to the US. Among them, famous names from the global political, economic, academic, intellectual and arts sectors.   More and more people should join the fight until full drop of charges against Julian Assange and his release.   So, until then, we should make sure that the clear message will reach the power centers of the worst liberal establishment ever: if you dare to harm Julian Assange, get ready for a non-

Reasons behind US-backed military coup in Guinea? Minerals and China

The Grayzone   Ben Norton discusses how the US military trained elite forces that carried out a coup in Guinea, a West African country with many natural resources, including the planet's largest reserves of bauxite, the main source of aluminum. Western government-funded think tanks boasted that the Guinean coup is a blow to China and its Belt and Road Initiative. Washington's new cold war has Africa in its crosshairs. 

Biden's UN speech shows further US commitment to war and meddling, not 'diplomacy'

The Grayzone  Ben Norton analyzes the lies and misleading claims in US President Joe Biden's speech at the United Nations, and shows how the corporate media coverage is very misleading.

BBC admits fake news, Syria did not gas its people

by New Worlds   Part 1   It was a lethal lie that killed thousands. BBC News last month was forced to admit the lies it spread and stood behind for three years: a BBC documentary video used all over the world, made in April 2018, showed children and civilians gasping and being chaotically hosed down, with an announcer narrating breathlessly that these were the horrors perpetrated by Syria's Assad government. It reported opposition witnesses alleging aerial drops of chemical weapons barrels that killed more than 40 people and injured hundreds more.  This video and narrative was quickly used by the United States, the United Kingdom and France to justify launching over a hundred missiles into Syria a week later without any evidence, just one day before an investigation by the OPCW, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Why the hurry? In 2013, the UN inspector Carla del Ponte already came out in news video clips to say that investigation showed that it wasn't th

The US is turning oil-rich Nigeria into a proxy for its Africa wars

Under the cover of counterterrorism, AFRICOM is beefing up Nigeria’s military to ensure the free flow of oil to the West, and using the country as a proxy against China’s influence on the continent.   by TJ Coles  Part 2 - A brief history of a complex country It’s important to get an idea of Nigeria’s ethnic and regional complexities. The country’s 206 million people, nearly half of whom are Muslim and nearly half Christian, live north of the equator in West Africa. Their country has 36 states, seven of which are coastal. The country borders Cameroon in the east, Benin in the west, Chad in the northeast, and Niger in the north and northwest. A US Strategic Studies Institute report from the mid-‘90s describes Nigeria as “ an artificial state created according to colonial exigencies rather than ethnic coherence. ” Its fragility explains the country’s susceptibility to ethnic, religious, and class warfare. The majority of Nigerian Muslims are Sunni, but Islam in the country spans the spec

How US media misrepresent the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s laboratories and safety protocols

Even if we were to accept all the accusations against the WIV regarding their alleged subpar safety standards, none of it has any relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic unless it can be shown the WIV possessed SARS-CoV-2 in its lab before the outbreak, and there is no evidence of that.   by Joshua Cho    Part 1   While many people have already criticized the lack of evidence and scientific basis for the hypothesis that the Covid-19 pandemic originated from a laboratory, both critics and proponents of the lab-leak theory appear to have uncritically accepted false or unproven premises regarding work done at the laboratory most often implicated in these speculations, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).   Some of the most prominent accusations pointed at the WIV are that it was conducting research as part of China’s alleged biowarfare program, and was conducting its experiments in substandard biosafety conditions. The implication is that if the WIV lied about not having SARS-CoV-2 before th

La victoire des talibans marquera-t-elle le début de la fin de l’empire occidental ?

Le simple fait de compter le coût de l’intervention occidentale en Afghanistan en vies militaires américaines ou britanniques constitue la preuve ultime que nous sommes une civilisation en décomposition   David Hearst Partie 2 - L’effondrement de l’Occident Mais le pays imaginaire dans lequel le libéralisme occidental continue d’opérer en Asie occidentale et au Moyen-Orient reste porteur d’enseignements. Il nous en dit long sur la psychologie d’un empire en déclin. Il est dans le déni. Notamment en ce qui concerne son rôle dans ce désastre. David Petraeus, ancien haut commandant américain en Afghanistan, le général Sir Nick Carter, chef d’état-major de la Défense britannique, ainsi que tous les généraux américains et britanniques qui ont servi en Afghanistan portent une lourde responsabilité dans une guerre que les Afghans eux-mêmes ne pouvaient pas supporter et dont ils ne voulaient pas. Aucun d’entre eux n’a su trouver la force d’assumer la responsabilité de ce désastre et de s’excus

Day of the Planes: A 9/11 excerpt from ‘The Management of Savagery’

In “The Management of Savagery,” Max Blumenthal explores the Saudi connection to the 9/11 attacks, the Islamophobic US backlash, and the neocon push to destabilize the Middle East   Max Blumenthal    Part 1 Two hours’ drive from Kandahar, in the southern Afghan desert city where the Taliban were born and where Osama bin Laden maintained his operational base, a February 2001 wedding ceremony became the stage for bin Laden’s first public appearance in several years. Seated in the shade of palm trees was the Al Qaeda leader’s seventeen-year-old son, Mohammed, his father’s personal protector and likely successor. To his left was Mohammed Atef, an Egyptian comrade of Zawahiri who acted as the chief military strategist of Al Qaeda—the brains behind its operations. To Mohammed’s right sat his father, who smiled proudly as his son prepared to marry Atef’s fourteen-year-old daughter. Ahmad Zaidan, a correspondent for the Qatari outlet Al Jazeera, was ferried to the wedding with a camera crew in

Red Yemen: From Socialist state to bombed-out neoliberal ruin

BreakThrough News   The Saudis, backed by the Americans, have been waging a war against Yemen since 2015, causing massive civilian casualties as well as famine and a cholera epidemic. How did Yemen get here? Yemen’s modern history is fascinating and overlooked, and few are aware of the Marxist republic that existed in South Yemen from 1967 to 1990. To help place recent events in their historical context, Rania Khalek was joined by Helen Lackner, a research associate at SOAS, visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and the author of several books, including, “Yemen in Crisis: The Road to War.” And she has a forthcoming book “Yemen: Poverty & Conflict”.

CIA Whistleblower On Declassified 9/11 Documents

Katie Halper   Former CIA analyst and case officer, who blew the whistle on its torture program, breaks down the newly declassified FBI document on the Saudi connection to 9/11 so that people who haven't been in the CIA or FBI can understand what the hell it says. The report was declassified by Biden. John Kiriakou ( ) is a former CIA analyst and case officer, and counterterrorism consultant. Upon leaving the CIA, Kiriakou was the first whistleblower to reveal the torture policy practiced by the US government. While employed by the CIA he was involved in critical counterterrorism missions following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He refused to be trained in “enhanced interrogation techniques” and never authorized or engaged in these, however he is the only person to have served prison time for revealing that there was a torture program. He was the 6th whistleblower indicted by the Obama administration under the Espionage Act, a law that