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It has started: Spain decides permanent UBI for its citizens

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It’s a Class War now too

Economic and racial oppression in America has finally reached a boiling point. Systemic change will take a systemic realignment of the economic and political structure in the United States. Despair may be driving some of these acts, from the arsons to the broken windows. Yet, it is the underlying racial and class dynamics, the consequence of being a conquered population, that will continue to fuel the rebellion—a serious and extended uprising that no imposed curfew from a city mayor will be able to curtail for very long.
by Joshua Frank
The scene along Melrose Avenue, one of L.A’s most renowned shopping districts, is now one of vengeance. Shards of glass litter the sidewalk. Storefronts are graffitied. The smell of smoke is still fresh in the early-morning air. Here was the epicenter of the looting that took place on Saturday night, shortly before Mayor Eric Garcetti declared a city-wide emergency and an 8 PM curfew. Garcetti later called on Governor Newsom to bring in the Natio…

US considers new weapons for Saudi Arabia as Kingdom renews Yemen border bombings

At seven years old, Radhiah Issa’s wide-eyed screams of panic and fear were understandable. Even an adult would be forgiven for waking up in a heated panic after discovering much of their body wrapped in blood-soaked bandages and laying in an unfamiliar room. Radhiah was in the family home of a Yemeni doctor who had scraped together whatever medical supplies he could in a heroic effort to render first aid and perform emergency surgery on Radhiah, who was seriously injured last Wednesday by a Saudi artillery shell while she stood amid her family’s grazing sheep near her home in the Shada District of Yemen’s northwestern province of Sadaa, near the border with Saudi Arabia.
We needed sterilization tools and masks to avoid COVID-19, not American shells and bombs to smash our children,” one of Radhiah’s family members told MintPress News
For the past few weeks, residents along the Yemen-Saudi border, particularly in the Sadaa, Hajjah, and al-Jawf provinces, have faced two options: con…

In memory of George Floyd

failed evolution
Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses ... Those who died are justified for wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites ... Fuck you, I won't do what they tell me ...

Rioters clash with police, fires set near White House as protests escalate

The Hill
Protests near the White House escalated on Sunday amid the continued fallout from the killing of George Floyd, with images on social media showing multiple fires and scenes of rowdy crowds even as a citywide curfew had been imposed.
Sunday night saw the third straight day of protests in the nation's capital following the release of a video last week showing a white police officer in Minneapolis kneeling on the neck of the 46-year-old Floyd, an unarmed black man. Floyd died in police custody shortly after the video was taken.
His death has sparked increasingly violent protests across the country, from Los Angeles to New York, and has led Minnesota officials to charge the police officer in the video, Derek Chauvin, with third-degree murder manslaughter.

Την ώρα που ο Κούλης ετοιμάζει νέο μνημόνιο και εργασιακό μεσαίωνα, ο Ιγκλέσιας αποφασίζει ελάχιστο εγγυημένο εισόδημα

globinfo freexchange
Το Μητσοτακικό καθεστώς προχωράει ακάθεκτο και επιχειρεί να επιταχύνει τα σχέδια του για τη νεοφιλελεύθερη λαίλαπα που θα σαρώσει την οικονομία.
Οι νεοφιλελεύθεροι τζιχαντιστές του Μητσοτάκη, επιχειρούν να κεφαλαιοποιήσουν το καθημερινό λιβανιστήρι που απολαμβάνουν από την μιντιακή χούντα σχετικά με την επιτυχή αντιμετώπιση της πανδημίας, ώστε να κερδίσουν το χαμένο έδαφος και να επανέλθουν στην "κανονικότητα" του αρχικού τους πλάνου. Ένα πλάνο που περιλαμβάνει, φυσικά, νέο γύρο ιδιωτικοποιήσεων, μνημονίων, σκληρής λιτότητας, εργασιακού μεσαίωνα, διάλυση του κοινωνικού κράτους.
Όσον αφορά τα εργασιακά, σύμφωνα με ρεπορτάζ του tvxs,gr, η τροπολογία Βρούτση ξηλώνει κάθε έννοια εργασιακής ασφάλειας στον ιδιωτικό τομέα, και αποκαλύπτει πως οι δήθεν «περισσότερες και καλύτερα αμειβόμενες δουλειές» της κυβέρνησης Μητσοτάκη θα έρθουν μέσα από τη γενικευμένη εφαρμογή της εκ περιτροπής εργασίας, την απελευθέρωση των απολύσεων για όσους εργαζόμενους δεν μπουν στο …

Exclusive images from inside British court expose Assange’s un-democratic treatment, physical deterioration

Photographs surreptitiously taken inside a British courtroom and provided to The Grayzone show a visibly disoriented Julian Assange confined to a glass cage and unable to communicate with his lawyers.
by Max Blumenthal
Part 2 - “Prolonged exposure to psychological torture” continues in court
Since its foundation in 2010, Wikileaks has published troves of documents exposing American war crimes, meddling, and corruption around the globe. Following the release of thousands of classified State Department cables provided by military whistleblower Chelsea Manning, Vice President Joseph Biden denounced Assange as a “high-tech terrorist.
In April 2017, then-CIA director Mike Pompeo labeled Wikileaks a “hostile foreign intelligence agency,” denigrating Assange as a “fraud” in a speech telegraphing Washington’s malicious campaign against the publisher.
That December, US federal prosecutors filed a secret indictment charging Assange with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act. He now faces 175 …

New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Julian Assange

An exclusive investigation by The Grayzone reveals new details on the critical role Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands played in an apparent CIA spying operation targeting Julian Assange, and exposes the Sands security staff who helped coordinate the malicious campaign.
by Max Blumenthal
I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole.

–Mike Pompeo, College Station, TX, April 15, 2019
Part 6 - Adelson’s Israeli-American bodyman turns spying middleman
When Nagel joined Las Vegas Sands as its global security director, he was placed in charge of securing an international financial and political empire that spanned from the US to Israel to Macau in the People’s Republic of China. Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson possessed a fortune valued at around $30 billion that placed him consistently in the top 10 of Forbes’ list of the wealthiest Americans. 
Adelson’s political activities were guided by two factors: his desire to expand his gambling operations around the globe, and his fanatical…

EU Foreign Policy chief calls for rapprochement with Russia and end of “American-led system”

A recent address by the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borell, hints at a new pro-Asian political order on the continent as Germany gets ready to lead the 27-nation bloc. But, is it just a ploy to check Chinese hegemony?
by Raul Diego 
Part 1
A significant change in the global balance of power may be in the offing if we are to believe declarations made by EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell while addressing a group of German ambassadors on Monday in Brussels. Borell reportedly “created a diplomatic headache” when he called for the end of the “American-led system” and made the case for ushering in an “Asian century” centered around stabilizing European relations with Russia.
Borell ruffled more feathers earlier in the week when he publicly opposed “any Israeli initiative toward the annexation of parts of the West Bank,” but stopped short of articulating any concrete steps the EU might take to curb Israeli abuses in the region, stating that the EU would limit itself to “diplomatic action in o…

Riots and chaos engulf New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC

The Hill
States around the country ratcheted up their response to demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd on Saturday, using force as some gatherings escalated into violence.
The killing of Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man who died after being pinned to the ground during an arrest by Minneapolis police on Monday, sparked nationwide protests this week as anger over the treatment of black Americans by the country's law enforcement and justice system continues to intensify.
The Pentagon announced Saturday that it was electing to place select military units on a four-hour recall status, should Gov. Tim Walz (D) require additional reinforcements to contain demonstrations in the state. 

Η κυβέρνηση ξεπλένει τραπεζίτες και μεγαλοστελέχη με την Πράξη Νομοθετικού Περιεχομένου της πανδημίας

Η υπόθεση αφορά την αποκλειστικά κατόπιν εγκλήσεως δίωξη τραπεζικών στελεχών που ψήφισε η κυβέρνηση Μητσοτάκη στο πλαίσιο της αναθεώρηση του Ποινικού Κώδικα τον περασμένο Νοέμβριο, που καθιστά πλέον αδύνατη την αυτεπάγγελτη εισαγγελική ποινική δίωξη για το αδίκημα της απιστίας. 
Συγκεκριμένα, με το άρθρο του νομοσχεδίου προβλέπεται πως η διάταξη του άρθρου 390 του Ποινικού Κώδικα για την απιστία τροποποιείται, ώστε με νέο εδάφιο να ξεκαθαρίζεται πως «αν η απιστία στρέφεται άμεσα κατά τραπεζικού ιδρύματος η δίωξη ασκείται μόνο κατ’ έγκληση», καταφέρνοτας ουσιαστικά να παραβιάσει ωμά το άρθρο 4 του Συντάγματος, για την αρχή της ισότητας και της ισονομίας.
Μάλιστα, κατά τραγική ειρωνεία, διά στόματος του υπουργού Δικαιοσύνης, Κωνσταντίνου Τσιάρα, υποστήριξε τότε η κυβέρνηση πως «προβληματίστηκε» για την εν λόγω απόφαση, αλλά τελικά αποφάσισαν να την δεχθούν, ώστε να προχωρήσει «η αναβάθμιση της ελληνικής οικονομίας» και της πιστοληπτικής αξιολόγησης της χώρας και να μειωθούν τα κόκκινα …