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August 12, 2020: The day capitalism officially died and replaced by something even worse

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Joe Biden’s lobbyists are helping Big Pharma profiteers

The pharmaceutical industry wants Americans to continue paying far more for medicines than people in any other country, to protect their tremendous profits. And one of Joe Biden’s top campaign consulting firms is helping them.   by Andrew Perez   Part 2 - “Politicians Need a Win”   The Canal Partners Media website touts its work as Biden’s “ lead buying agency ” and its “ experience championing progressive causes. ” Media Buying & Analytics, a company affiliated with Canal Partners Media, handled almost $450 million worth of ad buys for Biden’s 2020 campaign, according to OpenSecrets. Another apparent affiliate bought ads for Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential bid. The firm has made media buys for official party committees, including the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. They have also worked with party-aligned super PACs and progressive groups like MoveOn. In recent months, Canal Partn

It's getting worse: Mitsotakis regime targets top investigative journalists in Greece

globinfo freexchange   In November of the previous year we watched Mitsotakis regime in Greece taking steps to suppress further press freedom in the country, through some proposed amendments to Article 191 of the Criminal Code. The International Press Institute then concluded that " Rather than improving the existing Article 191 of the Criminal Code, which is already problematic, the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis would take a major step backwards if this law were eventually passed and send a worrying signal about the administration’s commitment to media freedom. " It seems that the regime is using now these changes (introduced on the pretext of "dangerous" misinformation related to COVID-19 pandemic and other issues) to go after top investigative journalists, who, were investigating big corruption scandals. Recently, investigative journalist Gianna Papadakou, was targeted for exposing officials believed to have received bribes from the Swiss pha

Afshin Rattansi on trouble in Kazakhstan following failed coup attempt

George Galloway   Afshin Rattansi on trouble in #Kazakhstan following failed coup attempt.

The tipping point that will destroy the world

Double Down News   “ I doubt that 1% of people really understand what we’re facing here ” 

Sandinista Nicaragua allies with China, Russia, Iran against US imperialism

Moderate Rebels   Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government is forming a closer alliance with China, Russia, and Iran in a common struggle against US imperialism, jointly resisting Washington's illegal sanctions, meddling, and coup attempts.

Confirmed: Unpopular US President Kamala Harris is the most faithful puppet of the corporate oligarchy

globinfo freexchange     A recent article published on Bloomberg exposes impressively two things:    First, that the Democrats have no intention to even slightly move from their pro-corporate positions and towards the interests of the US working class; on the contrary.   Second, the elites essentially replaced Joe Biden with Kamala Harris.    The article was re-published by various websites and the surprises already start from the title: Harris quietly taps Wall Street, tech CEOs for advice on policy . Not that it is something we didn't expect, but why a top establishment outlet admits that Harris "quietly" runs to the banking-corporate oligarchy for "instructions"?  Perhaps more surprisingly, the answer can be found within the article itself:   The corporate world has provided a familiar source of help. As California's attorney general, Harris gained a reputation for frequently partnering with technology companies — rather than prosecuting them — as

Day 1007: Julian Assange still in prison and under slow-motion execution by the Anglo-American imperialist criminals

failed evolution   World's number one political prisoner, Julian Assange, still in high security prison for exposing horrendous war crimes carried out by the US imperialists and their allies.   The ruthless Western imperialist regime wants to punish the No1 real journalist in the world and make him an example for any Whistleblower or real journalist who will attempt to expose its big crimes in the future.   That Assange, who is in precarious physical and psychological health and who suffered a stroke during court video proceedings, has been condemned to death should not come as a surprise. The ten years he has been detained, seven in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and nearly three in the high security Belmarsh prison, were accompanied with a lack of sunlight and exercise and unrelenting threats, pressure, anxiety and stress.    His steady physical and psychological deterioration has led to hallucinations and depression. He takes antidepressant medication and the antipsych

Flattening the curve or flattening the global poor? How Covid lockdowns obliterate human rights and crush the most vulnerable

Marketed as life-saving public health measures, lockdowns triggered death and economic devastation on a global scale while doing little to slow the spread of Covid-19. Now, they’re back with a vengeance.   by Stavroula Pabst and Max Blumenthal   Part 6 - Unpacking the misconception lockdowns work against COVID-19   Many credited lockdowns in China, Greece, Vietnam, and Australia with early COVID successes, contributing to a widespread perception that lockdowns are vital to saving lives, and, therefore, a compassionate choice. Such reasoning has led governments internationally to proceed with lengthy closures of daily life. According to Dr. Bhattacharya, these policies might be appropriate to halt the spread of a given virus depending on its profile and status. “ There are diseases that are incredibly deadly, but not particularly infectious, where quarantining and sharp lockdowns locally can be quite effective, ” Bhattacharya explained. “ For instance, we limited the Ebola [virus] outbr

Leaked files expose Syria psyops veteran astroturfing BreadTube star to counter Covid restriction critics

By covertly recruiting popular YouTube influencer Abigail Thorn to counter growing opposition to UK gov’t Covid restrictions, psy-ops pros are bringing home the tactics they honed in the Syrian dirty war   by Kit Klarenberg and Max Blumenthal   Part 3 - Astroturf campaign seeks to achieve ‘measurable cognitive shift’   The “Challenging Pseudoscience” operation designed for Thorn was launched in February 2021 by liberal science journalist Angela Saini. The author of several popular titles and a forthcoming book on “the origins of patriarchy,” she is also part of The Lancet Covid-19 Commission’s Task Force on Global Health Diplomacy. The commission’s chief, Peter Daszak, a zoologist who serves as president of the US-based NGO known as EcoHealth Alliance, was forced to resign in June over conflict of interest issues.  In the years leading up to the outbreak of Covid-19, Daszak worked extensively on bat coronaviruses and gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. His org

Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up captures the stupidity of our political era

The scariest thing about Don’t Look Up is that as absurd as it is, it barely exaggerates. Much of our political elite are just as greedy and foolish, our media just as vapid, and our response to impending disaster exactly as mind-bogglingly irrational as in the movie.  by Branko Marcetic Part 2 - Rejecting the Anti-Populist Turn The film thankfully swerves away from one of the worst impulses of post-Trump discourse and its anti-populist tendencies. Critics have charged the filmmakers with smugness and contempt for ordinary people, portraying a country too stupid to save itself. They’re wrong. The people of the world of Don’t Look Up decidedly aren’t the problem. Bar patrons coax the horrible truth about the government’s inaction out of our heroes and respond with concern and violent outrage. A sweet Midwestern Christian boy played by Timothée Chalamet casually assumes the comet isn’t real, but changes his mind with evidence and exceedingly gentle persuasion. At a Trump-like rally, Jas