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Why Cori Bush's victory is exceptionally decisive for the progressive army and its struggle to take over the Democratic Party

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The FED's rigged money management

Democracy At Work
Richard Wolff talks with former Goldman Sachs banker Nomi Prins on how the Fed rigs US money supply in disastrous ways.
Nomi Prins is a former Wall Street executive, who worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs in New York, and as a senior managing director at Bear Stearns in London, as well as holding posts at Lehman Brothers and the Chase Manhattan Bank. She left Wall Street to become an investigative journalist, author, international speaker and advisor on financial-economic matters. She has written six books, including her latest book Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World.

Prof. Cornel West: Joe Biden a Neoliberal Disaster, Donald Trump a Neofascist Catastrophe!

Going Underground
Prof. Cornel West discusses the 2020 election of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, Biden’s role in the rise of mass incarceration, US imperialism and foreign policy in the Middle East, the explosion at Beirut port in Lebanon, why Donald Trump’s opposition to Middle East intervention is farcical, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the Trump Administration’s response, the loss of Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary, the murder of George Floyd and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the challenging of neoliberalism within the black community, why the US is an empire in decline and much more!

Twitter spreads nonstop US gov't paid propaganda, while falsely claiming it bans state media ads

The Grayzone
Twitter claims it bans ads from state-affiliated media outlets. That is false. The US government's propaganda organs, especially Voice of America's VOA Persian, pay the social media corporation huge sums of money to spread constant disinformation against foreign adversaries. The Grayzone's Ben Norton discusses how Silicon's Valley close relationship with the US government is a threat to the freedom of the press and speech.

The global pandemic, the class struggle, and the tasks of the Socialist Equality Party

This resolution was adopted unanimously by the membership of the Socialist Equality Party in the United States at its Sixth National Congress, which was held online from July 19 to July 24, 2020. 
Part 2 - December 2019–March 27, 2020: The outbreak of the pandemic, the suppression of information and the rescue of the corporate-financial elite
13. The first stage began with the initial outbreak of the virus in China, in December 2019, and its international transmission through Europe and into North America, and lasted until March 27, 2020, when President Donald Trump signed the so-called CARES Act. It was during these critical months that the Trump administration and congressional leaders of both capitalist parties—acting on the instructions of the corporate-financial elite—made the socially catastrophic decisions that prioritized the rescue of the banks, large corporations and powerful Wall Street investors, over preventing the spread of the pandemic and saving lives.
14. By early Janu…

Document exposes new US plot to overthrow Nicaragua’s elected socialist gov’t

A disturbing new document outlines plans for a US regime-change scheme against Nicaragua’s elected leftist government, overseen by USAID, to bring about a “market economy” and a purge of Sandinistas.
by Ben Norton
Part 2 - USAID oversees another far-right coup attempt in Latin America
Ever since the Sandinista Front returned to power in Nicaragua through democratic elections in 2006, Washington has been hellbent on trying to topple it.
In 2018, the Donald Trump administration supported a violent coup attempt in Nicaragua, in which far-right gangs took over neighborhoods and paralyzed the country with bloody barricades known as tranques. The US-backed insurgents unleashed a reign of terror, killing and injuring hundreds of Sandinista activists and state security forces; marking the homes of leftist activists, ransacking and burning some down; and torturing and threatening supporters of the elected government.
When the 2018 putsch attempt failed, the US government resorted to a raft of ag…

Why the Bill Gates global health empire promises more empire and less public health

Behind a veil of corporate media PR, the Gates Foundation has served as a vehicle for Western capital while exploiting the Global South as a human laboratory. The coronavirus pandemic is likely to intensify this disturbing agenda.
by Jeremy Loffredo and Michele Greenstein
Part 8 - With drugs discarded by the West, an illusion of choice for African women
The Gates Foundation’s practice of pushing dangerous drugs onto health systems of the Global South is not limited to vaccines. It also helps distribute long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs).
Melinda Gates often refers to LARCs as a way to empower women of impoverished countries and give them more control over their lives. However, some of these LARCs have had adverse effects, and the distribution of the products without informed consent offers women little self-determination.
One example is Norplant, a contraceptive implant manufactured by Schering (now Bayer) that can prevent pregnancy for up to five years. It was yanked from th…

State Dept-funded Transparency International goes silent on jailed transparency activist Julian Assange

For over a year, the West’s top anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International, has not said a word about the world’s most prominent jailed transparency activist, Julian Assange. Is US and UK government funding a factor in the organization’s silence?
by Patrick Maynard
Part 5 - Spying, denial of legal access, “torture and neglect”
There are other aspects of the Julian Assange case that trouble many close observers. Assange‘s lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald QC, said in April that there had been no “direct access” with his client for “more than a month.
That situation has gotten worse as the COVID-19 outbreak has continued, with a recent hearing featuring Assange literally boxed in inside a glass container, through which it was difficult to hear.
Back when Assange did have regular access to legal counsel – during his time in the Ecuadorian embassy – his interactions with others were secretly recorded by a Spanish contractor with ties to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as The Grayzone’s …

War and Pandemic Journalism

During both, the truth can quickly disappear.
by Patrick Cockburn 
Part 1
The struggle against Covid-19 has often been compared to fighting a war. Much of this rhetoric is bombast, but the similarities between the struggle against the virus and against human enemies are real enough.
War reporting and pandemic reporting likewise have much in common because, in both cases, journalists are dealing with and describing matters of life and death. Public interest is fueled by deep fears, often more intense during an epidemic because the whole population is at risk. In a war, aside from military occupation and area bombing, terror is at its height among those closest to the battlefield.
The nature of the dangers stemming from military violence and the outbreak of a deadly disease may appear very different. But looked at from the point of view of a government, they both pose an existential threat because failure in either crisis may provoke some version of regime change.
People seldom forgive go…

Journalist shot by feds discusses Portland protests

The Grayzone
Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with journalist Wyatt Reed, producer for the show By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik, about his coverage of the federal troop deployment to Portland, Oregon.

The actual reason why America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan