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A second Brexit referendum will boost the extreme right and the fascists further

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It's definite: US corporate media reliability completely collapses as Russiagate is officially dead

globinfo freexchange
Caitlin Johnstone reported:
The Robert Mueller investigation which monopolized political discourse for two years has finally concluded, and his anxiously awaited report has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr.
The results are in and the debate is over: those advancing the conspiracy theory that the Kremlin has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government were wrong, and those of us voicing skepticism of this were right.
The contents of the report are still secret, but CNN’s Justice Department reporter Laura Jarrett has told us all we need to know, tweeting, “Special Counsel Mueller is not recommending ANY further indictments am told.” On top of that, William Barr said in a letter to congressional leaders that there has been no obstruction of Mueller’s investigation by Justice Department officials.
So that’s it, then. A completely unhindered investigation has failed to convict a single American of any kind of conspiracy with the Russian government, a…

Γάλλοι στρατιώτες: Δεν θα σηκώσουμε τα όπλα απέναντι στο γαλλικό λαό

Εν όψει των επόμενων προγραμματισμένων κινητοποιήσεων των Κίτρινων Γιλέκων, η γαλλική κυβέρνηση ανακοίνωσε ότι θα χρησιμοποιήσει το στρατό προκειμένου να προστατεύσει συγκεκριμένες περιοχές του Παρισιού από τους διαδηλωτές. Στρατιώτες καταγγέλλουν την απόφαση αυτή, χαρακτηρίζοντάς την ως μια κακή ιδέα που θα μπορούσε να αποδειχθεί πολύ επικίνδυνη.
Στο πλαίσιο της λήψης επιπλέον μέτρων ασφαλείας η γαλλική κυβέρνηση σχεδιάζει να εντάξει στρατιώτες της επιχείρησης Sentinelle στην περιφρούρηση συγκεκριμένων μνημείων, αλλά και της περιοχής των Ηλισίων Πεδίων. Η αντιτρομοκρατική επιχείρηση Sentinelle έχει τεθεί σε εφαρμογή από το 2015, με σκοπό την ενίσχυση της ασφάλειας στο κέντρο της πολης με την παρουσία ένοπλων μονάδων του στρατού.
«Οι άνθρωποι της επιχείρησης Sentinelle είναι όλοι στρατιωτικοί. Δεν γνωρίζουμε από επιχειρήσεις διατήρησης της τάξης», εξηγεί στρατιώτης που μίλησε ανώνυμα στο franceinfo. Θεωρητικά δεν προβλέπεται οι στρατιώτες να παρέμβουν στην διατήρηση της τάξης, όπως θα π…

Make the economy scream ... in Venezuela

globinfo freexchange
For one more year, the blog had the opportunity to watch new, interesting documentaries at the 21st Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, held on 1-10 March.
Among them, the new documentary Make the Economy Scream by Aris Chatzistefanou, creator of impressively revealing documentaries such as Catastroika, Debtocracy, FASCISM INC and This is not a coup.
From the description:
A Greek journalist travels to Venezuela trying to figure out why the politicians of his crisis-plagued country debate on whether there is enough toilet paper in Caracas or not. Through several trips, which bring him from the shanty towns to the borders of Colombia and back to Europe, he discovers a reality that differs from the mainstream media narrative.

The creator travels not only in Venezuela, but also in other places, seeking answers about the real causes behind the problems that this Latin America country currently faces. The answers he gets re…

Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton 2.0 — Democrats would be mad to nominate him

The definition of insanity,” Einstein didn’t say, “is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.
Have the Democrats gone mad? Are they really planning on putting up the same type of candidate against Donald Trump in 2020 that they put up against him in 2016? Is the party bent on nominating Hillary 2.0?
How else to describe Joe Biden, the former vice president and ex-senator from Delaware, who is leading in the polls and has hinted that he’d reveal whether he’s running for president in “a few weeks” and might select a running mate early in the process?
Forget, for a moment, his “blue-collar-uncle-at-the-end-of-the-bar persona.” Ignore also his recent, and ridiculous, claim to have the “most progressive record of anybody” running for president. Consider, instead, the sheer number of similarities he seems to have with the vanquished Democratic presidential candidate of 2016.
Iraq War supporter? Check. Clinton was pilloried by the left and the right alike as …

‘Armed terrorist cell’: Venezuela’s Interior Minister confirms arrest of Guaido’s aide

Venezuela’s Interior Minister has confirmed the arrest of self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido’s chief of staff. The opposition claims he was ‘kidnapped’ while authorities say he was the leader of a ‘terrorist cell.’
Roberto Marrero was taken into custody on Thursday as part of the government raid against a “terrorist cell” that plotted to carry out attacks against top Venezuelan politicians, the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, said in a statement.
Together with the Public Prosecutor's Office, the investigations led to the detention of the citizen, Roberto Eugenio Marrero Borgas, who is directly responsible for the organization of criminal groups,” he said.
The government also released images of two rifles allegedly seized by the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) during the raid on Marrero’s house.
Full report:

Bernie Sanders posts video citing Israel’s ‘apartheid-like’ policies

Bernie Sanders, who has announced his intention to run in the Democratic primaries ahead of the 2020 presidential election, posted a campaign video featuring a supporter praising him for his condemnation of the “apartheid-like” conditions imposed on Palestinians by Israel.
He spoke out against apartheid in South Africa when crazily that was an unpopular thing to do and even today he speaks out against apartheid-like conditions in Palestine even though it’s not popular,” Shaun King said in the clip posted on Monday on the presidential campaign’s Facebook page.
King, “a columnist and activist”, was speaking at the formal launch of Sanders’ campaign on 2 March.
The video then breaks away from King’s speech to a highlighted online CNN headline, “Bernie Sanders smashes the Israel status quo”.
Sanders was “the first Jewish candidate to win major nominating contests when he ran for the Democratic nomination in 2016”, and has also “been among the Senate’s most trenchant Israel critics, releasing…

Ricardo Hausmann’s “Morning After” for Venezuela: The neoliberal brain behind Juan Guaido’s economic agenda

While online audiences know YouTube comedian Joanna Hausmann from her videos making the case for regime change, her economist father has flown below the radar. His record holds the key to understanding what the U.S. wants in Venezuela.
by Anya Parampil
Part 4 - “Neoliberalism is the path to hell”
Back in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution ushered in by Chávez provided an antidote to the IESA method that had produced so much social damage to Venezuela’s majority.
The Bolivarian Revolution was an indirect response to neoliberalism, born of mass resistance in the streets,” claims Ciccariello-Maher, observing that while “in power, it remained largely faithful to that mission.
Ciccariello-Maher added that “it would be difficult to exaggerate the impact Chavismo has had on Venezuelan society,” because for the first time in its history “oil was put at the service of the people. …Most important, however, the poor – so long excluded – became ‘protagonists’ in the political life of Venezuela, a…

Brexit: What's the f**k is going on?

Britain’s witchfinders are ready to burn Jeremy Corbyn

by Jonathan Cook
Part 5 - No screening for documentary
Second, Williamson compounded his crime by publicly helping just such a readymade witch: a black Jewish woman named Jackie Walker.
He had booked a room in the British parliament building – the seat of our supposed democracy – so that audiences could see a new documentary on an earlier Labour witch hunt. More than two years ago the party suspended Walker over anti-semitism claims.
The screening was to inform Labour party members of the facts of her case in the run-up to a hearing in which, given the current atmosphere, it is likely she will be expelled. The screening was sponsored by Jewish Voice for Labour, which has also warned repeatedly that anti-semitism is being used malevolently to silence criticism of Israel and weaken Corbyn.
Walker was seen as a pivotal figure by those opposed to Corbyn. She was a co-founder of Momentum, the grassroots organisation established to support Corbyn after his election to the leadership and deal wit…

US lawmakers slam government on anniversary of Iraq war

'16 years ago, the US illegally invaded Iraq, leaving a trail of destruction and lives lost,' said Congresswoman Ilhan Omar
U.S. lawmakers criticized the government Wednesday for its decision to invade Iraq 16 years ago, questioning the conflict’s legitimacy.
Politicians called the invasion disastrous, saying it led to the country’s destruction and affected America’s global standing.
"Sixteen years ago, the U.S. illegally invaded Iraq, leaving a trail of destruction and lives lost," Congresswoman Ilhan Omar said on Twitter.
Omar outlined the consequences of the invasion, saying 4,500 U.S. troops lost their lives, more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians were killed and the decision had done "incalculable damage” to America’s reputation in the world.
Senator Bernie Sanders also slammed the invasion, saying he had opposed it when the idea was proposed in Congress.
"Sixteen years ago, the United States invaded Iraq. I opposed it at the time, warning of unintended consequen…