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Από τον Τσίπρα ως τον Κόρμπιν και τον Σάντερς: δεν είναι αυτή η Αριστερά που θέλουμε / Already confirmed: Civil liberties under attack! / The EFD-IMF sociopaths(?) continue to play their games over the Greek ruins / How the global financial mafia sucked Greece's blood / ECB's economic hitmen / The German Thatcher confirms bureaufascists' plans! / Η Μέρκελ επιβεβαιώνει τα σχέδια των γραφειοφασιστών! / Explaining the Greek paradox / Proxy wars everywhere, the planet already in flames ... / "Proxy" πόλεμοι παντού, ο πλανήτης είναι ήδη στις φλόγες ... / Ένας παγκόσμιος "proxy" πόλεμος κατά της ελευθερίας έχει ξεκινήσει! / 'Fixing' Latin America for Hillary? / Ο επικεφαλής του "σκιώδους συμβουλίου" της ΕΚΤ επιβεβαιώνει ότι η ευρωζώνη είναι μια χρηματοπιστωτική δικτατορία! / It has started: A global proxy war against freedom! / Βαρουφάκης: Το ΤΧΣ δεν ελέγχεται από το δημόσιο! / Η Ευρώπη συνθλίβεται από τους φασίστες, τους ισλαμοφασίστες, τους γραφειοφασίστες και τα αφεντικά τους / Europe crushed by the fascists, islamofascists, bureaufascists and their masters / Δεν γίνεται έτσι "σύντροφοι" ... / Panama Papers: When mainstream information wears the anti-establishment mask / The Secret Bank Bailout / The head of the ECB “shadow council” confirms that eurozone is a financial dictatorship! / A documentary by Paul Mason about the financial coup in Greece / Lagarde completely covers the IMF economic hitmen / First cracks to the establishment by the American people / From Tsipras to Corbyn and Sanders: This is not the Left we want / Clinton emails - The race of the Western neo-colonialist vultures over the Libyan corpse / Επιχείρηση Panama Papers: Το κατεστημένο θέλει το μονοπώλιο και στις διαρροές; / Operation "looting of Greece" reaches final stage / IMF says ... "neoliberalism"! / France officialy enters the neo-Feudal era! / A call to independent media for a 'counter-debate' with the US third parties

27 September, 2016

A highly predictable debate between the worst US bipartisan couple for decades

No need to watch. Instead, US voters should push the independent media to organize a non-rigged debate between candidates of the US third parties.

Tonight's first US presidential debate involves two candidates who actually depict emphatically the high degree of the US politics degeneration: deeply pro-establishment, war-thirsty Hillary Clinton, against the reserve of the establishment, racist billionaire Donald Trump.

No matter how they act, no matter what they say and what rhetoric they use, they can both be identified, more or less, by the few characteristics above. It would be rather pointless for someone to expect anything better from both.

As we approach the day of the US elections, time is running out and the two candidates will naturally focus on one thing: fix their picture to attract more voters and increase their chances to win. As polls show that it will be a tight race, the two will try to attract as many voters as possible from the huge tank of undecided US citizens.

Hillary took a good taste from the fight for the Democratic nomination against Bernie Sanders. She will probably try to retain a more progressive profile which was forced to exhibit during the race against Bernie, in order to gain voters from the tank of the mass movement he created. She knows that these voters, and especially the American youth, had enough of the neoliberal establishment in previous years, and therefore, it would be very hard to be persuaded that the warmongering Hillary has been "relocated" further to the Left. There is no need to expose her absolute commitment to conduct more dirty wars because the US deep state and the neocons know very well that she will focus on this policy, in case that she will be the next US president. Furthermore, it seems that she does not expect anything from the most conservative voters to the Right, who are clearly determined to support Trump.

Trump has also a difficult job. He has to find a balance between the highly conservative audience, which is the core of his voters, and the more moderate, undecided ones, who may determine the outcome of the elections. Therefore, he is expected to smooth his extremely patriotic (to the point that becomes racist) rhetoric, in order to become "more presidential", as actually warned recently by the establishment. He knows that he can't win without taking a crucial percentage of the more moderate tank.

It appears that after Sanders, the US voters are left with zero options, again. Yet, they do have options which the corporate media don't want to become known. For example, Jill Stein is a good alternative to the US bipartisan establishment. She showed in various appearances in the alternative media that the politics of the Greens can make a real difference and break the ruthless neoliberal establishment that is represented by the US bipartisanism.

It's time for the alternative media to show their rising power against the traditional, corrupted media. They could organize a non-rigged debate with the candidates of the third parties. The momentum of millions of disappointed US citizens, who have chosen to stay out of the political process for years, may then show up, sending shock waves to the establishment. These can make the difference and beat the bipartisanism in the oncoming elections through a political earthquake that would create an unprecedented moment in the US history.

Daesh talks with US military before strike on Syrian Army

The Syrian intelligence possesses an audio recording of conversation between Daesh terrorists and US military prior to the Washington-led coalition's airstrikes on the government troops near Deir ez-Zor on September 17, the speaker of the People's Council of Syria said Monday.


US warplanes hit Syrian government troops near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor on September 17, leaving 62 military personnel killed and a hundred wounded. The Pentagon said initially that the airstrike was a mistake and targeted Daesh militants.


The attack on government positions put to test a US-Russia brokered nationwide ceasefire that came into being in Syria earlier that week. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last Friday it was necessary to separate Daesh terrorists from "moderate" opposition forces in order to salvage the truce. Britain, Australia and Denmark confirmed their air forces' participation in the deadly airstrikes. The politician noted that the details would be made public later.

Full report:

Journey to Aleppo: exposing the truth buried under NATO propaganda

The Syrian people are suffering under the ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘opposition forces’ backed by the US, NATO member states and their allies in the Gulf states and Israel. Yet their suffering is largely ignored in the mainstream media unless it furthers the agenda dictated by the State Department.

This article is the first in a two-part series of one Western journalist’s journey to Aleppo, a city ravaged by an insurgency supported by the United States, NATO member states, and their allies in the Gulf states and Israel. In Part I, Vanessa Beeley lays out the mainstream narrative on Syria, revealing a neoconservative agenda promoted by NATO-funded NGOs. These NGOs paint the destruction of the historic city as being caused by the Syrian government under Bashar Assad, not the violent armed insurgents which receive arms, funding and training from Western governments and their allies.

[1] [2] [3]

Aleppo has become synonymous with destruction and “Syrian state-generated” violence among those whose perception of the situation in the war-torn nation is contained within the prism of mainstream media narratives.

The NATO-aligned media maintains a tight grip on information coming out of this beleaguered city, ensuring that whatever comes out is tailored to meet State Department requirements and advocacy for regime change. The propaganda mill churns out familiar tales of chemical weapons, siege, starvation and bombs targeting civilians–all of which are attributed to the Syrian government and military, with little variation on this theme.

The purpose of this photo essay and my journey to Aleppo on Aug. 14 was to discover for myself as a Western journalist the truth behind the major storylines in the U.S. and NATO narrative on Syria.

The activist groups and citizen journalists

Media pundits outside Syria rely on “activist groups” and “citizen journalists,” who are invariably embedded in areas occupied by groups such as the Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, assorted Free Syrian Army brigades, and even Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the terrorist group known in the West as ISIS or ISIL). Whether they are individual activists or groups like the White Helmets or Aleppo Media Center, it is hard to define them as independent or objective when they are known to receive funding from the United States, NATO member states, and state-funded institutions like USAID–all of which have a vested interest in the “regime change” road map in Syria. The “evidence” these sources produce rarely deviates from the official U.S. narrative and reinforces the propaganda that drives the train of lies that justifies intervention.

A fairly rudimentary investigation into the roots of the Aleppo Media Center reveal that it is funded by the French Foreign Office, which celebrates NATO- and Saudi-armed mercenaries as revolutionaries. The Aleppo Media Center is a member of the Syrian Expatriates Organization, and it also receives “support” from the Syrian Media Incubator, a creation of Canal France International, “the French cooperation agency and media operator of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The French foreign ministry announced in January 2014:

In April 2014, CFI will open a media centre, the Syrian Media Incubator, in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, 60km from the Syrian border, to the north of Aleppo. This collective workspace aims to provide modern telecommunication tools and support Syrian journalists who are determined to continue relaying news from their country, whatever the cost.”

France can hardly be considered an impartial player in the neocolonialist game. In July 2015, the country’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, was taken to court by a group of Syrian plaintiffs who accused him of stoking the Syrian conflict in 2012.

The case cited several incidents in which Fabius was perceived to have praised the Nusra Front, including one in which he told Le Monde that the group was “doing a good job.” The grieving families consider his refusal to designate the the Nusra Front a terrorist organization in 2012 and his move to condone the group’s actions on the ground as major contributing factors in maintaining the brutal war on Syria and its people.

It is the duty of journalists to question the impartiality of reports from these organizations claiming to be independent. Western journalists are quick enough to dismiss reports that run against the grain of their narrative as being “pro-Assad.”

After the Aleppo Media Center posted the video of Omran Daqneesh on Aug. 17, the image of the Syrian boy covered in dust and blood was broadcast across global media networks without a single question regarding some glaring anomalies surrounding this incident. The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, The Associated Press and its many, many subscribers, the Los Angeles Times, The Telegraph, CNN, and Time are just some of the mainstream media outlets which reproduced this video and images from it without hesitation.

A Google search for “Fox News and Aleppo Media Center” returns an astounding number of results. So, Fox News relies upon a French Foreign Office-funded organization which produces propaganda from pro-NATO “activists” planted in Aleppo. Hardly “fair and balanced” reporting.


NO EURO Forum Internazionale

Il Coordinamento riunisce partiti politici e movimenti popolari che considerano principi non negoziabili la libertà, l’uguaglianza sociale e la fratellanza fra i popoli.

Questo è il motivo per cui ci opponiamo alla globalizzazione neoliberista, che si basa sui dogmi opposti del governo dispotico di una élite oligarchica, sul culto della concorrenza selvaggia, sulla crescita delle ingiustizie sociali, sulla soppressione della sovranità nazionale a favore di regimi imperiale.

L’Unione europea, con la sua moneta unica, rappresenta il tentativo più avanzato e pericoloso mai messo in atto da queste élite oligarchiche.

La crisi irreversibile dell’Unione europea spinge le classi dominanti ad esacerbare le politiche austeritarie e antipopolari. Non c’è modo di riformare questa Unione reazionaria e imperialista. Essa va demolita, sostenendo tutti i movimenti di emancipazione sociale.

Il nostro Coordinamento si considera uno spazio aperto per discutere le possibili alternative alla globalizzazione e all’Unione europea, e uno strumento per l’azione e per riconsegnare ai popoli la loro piena sovranità.

26 September, 2016

Νέα στοιχεία: η τραπεζική μαφία ελέγχει πλήρως τη ροή χρήματος χάρη στη δικτατορία της ΕΚΤ

Το πρόγραμμα ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης της Ευρωπαϊκής Κεντρικής Τράπεζας, δημιούργησε μια πλημμύρα ρευστότητας, υποτίθεται για να δημιουργήσει ανάπτυξη και να τονώσει την πραγματική οικονομία. Ωστόσο, φαίνεται ότι με κάποιο τρόπο η ρευστότητα "εξαφανίστηκε".

Όπως αναφέρει η ιστοσελίδα, μετά από σχεδόν δύο χρόνια ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης, η αύξηση του ΑΕΠ της ευρωζώνης άρχισε να επιβραδύνεται αντί να επιταχύνεται. Σύμφωνα με στοιχεία της ίδιας της ΕΚΤ, για την αύξηση του ΑΕΠ κατά 1 ευρώ απαιτείται να τυπωθούν 18,5 ευρώ μέσω ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης, που σημαίνει ότι 80 δισ. ευρώ σπαταλώνται σε μηνιαία βάση! Η ιστοσελίδα εύλογα αναρωτιέται που πηγαίνουν όλα αυτά τα λεφτά της ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης, καθώς είναι φανερό ότι δεν πηγαίνουν στην πραγματική οικονομία.

Το φρεσκοτυπωμένο χρήμα φυσικά δεν εξαφανίζεται, ούτε πρόκειται για κανένα μυστήριο. Η ποσοτική χαλάρωση κατευθύνεται προς το Ευρωπαϊκό τραπεζικό καρτέλ των μεγαλύτερων τραπεζών, οι οποίες ουσιαστικά ελέγχουν την ΕΚΤ, τις πολιτικές μαριονέτες και άρα, τη ροή του νέου χρήματος.

Η ενίσχυση της ανάπτυξης μέσω ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης αποτελεί επομένως μια καθαρή κοροϊδία και οι αριθμοί το αποδεικνύουν, καθώς η αναλογία 1 ευρώ αύξησης του ΑΕΠ για κάθε 18,5 ευρώ νέου χρήματος που τυπώνεται μέσω ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης είναι εξωφρενικά μικρή. Και αυτό μπορεί να εξηγηθεί μόνο από το γεγονός ότι η τραπεζική μαφία ανακυκλώνει το φρέσκο (και ουσιαστικά δωρεάν) χρήμα για τον εαυτό της, ανοίγοντας την κάνουλα της ρευστότητας πατά περίπτωση και κατά βούληση, ελέγχοντας έτσι πλήρως την κατεύθυνση του νέου χρήματος.

Παρόλο που η Ελλάδα έχει αποκλειστεί από την ποσοτική χαλάρωση της ΕΚΤ, οι συστημικές τράπεζες λαμβάνουν ρευστότητα από τον μηχανισμό αποκαλούμενο ως Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA). Είναι ο μηχανισμός που χρησιμοποιήθηκε από τον Ντράγκι το καλοκαίρι του 2015 για να εκβιάσει την Ελληνική κυβέρνηση, όταν ο Τσίπρας αποφάσισε να προχωρήσει σε δημοψήφισμα για τις καταστροφικές πολιτικές λιτότητας. Με την απειλή τερματισμού του ELA, που θα οδηγούσε σε ξαφνικό θάνατο την Ελληνική οικονομία και χωρίς εναλλακτική λύση, ο Τσίπρας αναγκάστηκε τελικά να υπογράψει ένα τρίτο καταστροφικό μνημόνιο.

Κάτω από αυτές τις συνθήκες έξι χρόνων συστηματικής καταστροφής της Ελληνικής οικονομίας, οι συστημικές τράπεζες έκλεισαν ουσιαστικά τη στρόφιγγα της ρευστότητας στις μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις. Και όμως, παρόλη την καταστροφή, συνεχίζουν να τροφοδοτούν διαπλεκόμενους ολιγάρχες και αντίστοιχες μεγάλες επιχειρήσεις. Συνεχίζουν να τροφοδοτούν διαπλεκόμενα μίντια που πληρώνονται για τη γνωστή προπαγάνδα που επιχειρεί να καθαγιάσει τους τραπεζίτες, αλλά και για να διαφημιστούν. Η επιλεκτική ροή χρήματος από το εγχώριο τραπεζικό καρτέλ μέσω της δικτατορίας της ΕΚΤ είναι ξεκάθαρη. Στόχος, η εξαφάνιση του μικρομεσαίου κλάδου, για να διαλυθεί και το τελευταίο εμπόδιο απέναντι στο μονοπώλιο των πολυεθνικών που κάνουν πλιάτσικο με αφορμή το ξεπούλημα του δημοσίου.

Προφανώς, το "Ελληνικό μοντέλο" εφαρμόζεται ήδη σε Ευρωπαϊκό επίπεδο, με βασικό εργαλείο την κοροϊδία της ποσοτικής χαλάρωσης. Ο μικρομεσαίος κλάδος πρέπει να εξολοθρευτεί. Εντωμεταξύ, ο δικτάτορας Ντράγκι επιβεβαίωσε ότι θέλει να ενισχύσει το Ευρωπαϊκό τραπεζικό καρτέλ, καθώς δήλωσε πρόσφατα ότι ο τραπεζικός τομέας είναι πολύ μεγάλος και αυτό οδηγεί σε περιορισμένα κέρδη.

Νέα στοιχεία λοιπόν που δείχνουν ότι ο φανταστικός διάλογος είναι αρκετά ακριβής: “... αν είχαμε μεγαλύτερη ροή χρημάτων στην αγορά, τότε θα έχαναν αρκετή από την αξία τους και θα είχαμε απώλειες κερδών, επειδή εμείς είμαστε αυτοί που τα τυπώνουμε! Γι'αυτό έχουμε εφεύρει τον πληθωρισμό, για να εκφοβίζουμε τις κυβερνήσεις και να κατευθύνουμε το χρήμα πίσω σ'εμάς μέσω των λεγόμενων Πολιτικών Ποσοτικής Χαλάρωσης.