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Fifty years from Nixon's shock: The moment the gates of hell opened to release neoliberalism and financial capitalism

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The US is turning oil-rich Nigeria into a proxy for its Africa wars

Under the cover of counterterrorism, AFRICOM is beefing up Nigeria’s military to ensure the free flow of oil to the West, and using the country as a proxy against China’s influence on the continent.   by TJ Coles  Part 7 - Building a Sparta state   In June 2014, it was reported that a 650-person unit, the Nigerian Army’s 143rd Battalion, was set up on the ground and trained by US Special Forces from the California Army National Guard’s Special Operations Detachment-US Northern Command and Company A, 5th Battalion 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne). By then the Nigerian Army was active in 30 out of the country’s 36 states. Chief of the US Army Africa’s Security Cooperation Division, Colonel John D. Ruffing, said: “ It is not peacekeeping … It is every bit of what we call ‘decisive action,’ meaning those soldiers will go in harm’s way to conduct counterinsurgency operation[s]. ” One US soldier said: “ This is a classic Special Forces mission—training an indigenous force in a remote are

How US media misrepresent the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s laboratories and safety protocols

Even if we were to accept all the accusations against the WIV regarding their alleged subpar safety standards, none of it has any relevance to the Covid-19 pandemic unless it can be shown the WIV possessed SARS-CoV-2 in its lab before the outbreak, and there is no evidence of that.   by Joshua Cho    Part 6 - Intercept’s reporting is actually evidence against a lab leak   Two recent reports on a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to the EcoHealth Alliance — detailing research by the WIV, following FOIA litigation by The Intercept — were misleadingly presented as “ new evidence ” that U.S.-funded experiments in China “ posed biosafety risks ” and constituted “ high-risk research. ” However, it is unclear whether Intercept journalists Sharon Lerner and Mara Hvistendahl understood the significance of the documents they obtained. Soon after the publication of the first report, Dr. Goldstein argued that The Intercept actually provided evidence against a lab leak because t

Corporate media stirred global terror hysteria to push postwar hostility toward new Afghan govt

The media’s latest ahistorical freak-out over Afghanistan is further evidence of its de facto merger with the U.S. national security state   by Gareth Porter   Part 3 - Rewriting history to maintain U.S. hostility   The corporate media’s framing of the unholy alliance between the Taliban and Haqqani represents a politically-motivated rewriting of history that overlooks the record of U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the country’s experience after the 9/11 attacks. The Haqqani network arose during the US proxy war against Soviet forces. At the time, the group was dependent on Pakistan’s military intelligence service and the CIA for cash and weapons — not on bin Laden. As the late journalist George Crile recalled in Charlie Wilson’s War, the Haqqani network’s founder Jalaludin Haqqani was the CIA’s the “ favorite commander ” and “ received bags of money each month ” from the CIA station in Islamabad.    When the Taliban was in power, its leader Mullah Omar not only repeatedly warned b

Angela Merkel was bad for Europe and the world

Angela Merkel’s tenure will be remembered as Germany’s, and Europe’s, cruelest paradox. On the one hand, she dominated the continent’s politics like no other peacetime leader — and is leaving the German chancellery considerably more powerful than she had found it. But the way she built up this power condemned Germany to secular decline and the European Union to stagnation.   by Yanis Varoufakis  Part 4 - Episode 3: To the Bitter End The pandemic offered Angela Merkel a final chance to bring Germany and Europe together. Great new public debt was inevitable, even in Germany, as governments sought to replace incomes lost during the lockdown. If there was ever a moment for a break with the past, this was it. The moment was crying out for German surpluses to be invested across a Europe that, simultaneously, democratizes its decision-making processes. But Angela Merkel’s final act was to ensure that this moment would be missed, too. In March 2020, in a fit of harmonized panicking following o

How US trapped Ecuador in massive debt while blaming China

Moderate Rebels   Washington claimed it would "save" Ecuador from Chinese loans while trapping the country in much bigger debt.  

Colin Powell, war criminal loved by the establishment

The Jimmy Dore Show      

Day 923: Julian Assange still in prison

failed evolution   World's number one political prisoner, Julian Assange, still in high security prison for exposing horrendous war crimes carried out by the US imperialists and their allies.   The ruthless Western imperialist regime wants to punish the No1 real journalist in the world and make him an example for any Whistleblower or real journalist who will attempt to expose its big crimes in the future.   The only thing that stands between the ruthless imperialists and their plans to exterminate Julian Assange are the thousands of people protesting against his extradition to the US. Among them, famous names from the global political, economic, academic, intellectual and arts sectors.   More and more people should join the fight until full drop of charges against Julian Assange and his release.   So, until then, we should make sure that the clear message will reach the power centers of the worst liberal establishment ever: if you dare to harm Julian Assange, get ready for a non-

Ukrainian neo-nazis brag they have received training from the Canadian Forces and other NATO nations

Far-right extremists in Ukraine’s military have bragged they received training from the Canadian Forces and other NATO nations, a new study from an American university has uncovered.   The study from an institute at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., tracked social media accounts of the far-right group Centuria, documenting its Ukrainian military members giving Nazi salutes, promoting white nationalism and praising members of Nazi SS units.  The far-right group has been active since 2018 at the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy or NAA, according to the report from George Washington’s Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies. The NAA is Ukraine’s premier military education institution and a major hub for western military assistance to the country, including from Canada. Centuria members acknowledged on social media they have received training from the Canadian military and have participated in military exercises with Canada. In May, Centuria organ

Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA's secret war plans against WikiLeaks

Zach Dorfman, Sean D. Naylor and Michael Isikoff   Part 4 - U.S. officials had also considered killing Assange   By the summer of 2017, the CIA’s proposals were setting off alarm bells at the National Security Council. “ WikiLeaks was a complete obsession of Pompeo’s, ” said a former Trump administration national security official. “ After Vault 7, Pompeo and [Deputy CIA Director Gina] Haspel wanted vengeance on Assange. ” At meetings between senior Trump administration officials after WikiLeaks started publishing the Vault 7 materials, Pompeo began discussing kidnapping Assange, according to four former officials. While the notion of kidnapping Assange preceded Pompeo’s arrival at Langley, the new director championed the proposals, according to former officials. Pompeo and others at the agency proposed abducting Assange from the embassy and surreptitiously bringing him back to the United States via a third country — a process known as rendition. The idea was to “ break into the embass

Water as weapon of war: Activists say Israel is drying out the West Bank to drive out Palestinians

What was billed as a cooperative venture between Palestine and Israel is merely the occupation of water in disguise   by Jessica Buxbaum    Part 3 - Living without water   On days without water, Mfkara operates much like a commune. “ We usually borrow from each other and when the water comes, we redivide the water, ” Noma said. Sabreen described how household chores like washing dishes, doing laundry and bathing the children are put off until water is replenished. “ I have to put everything on hold until there is water, ” she told MintPress . “ I can’t do anything until the water comes back. ” Sabreen receives 20 liters of water (about 5 gallons) costing 500 shekels ($155) from At-Tuwani, or she sources water from a nearby aquifer. That same amount of water costs nearby Israeli settlers about 100 shekels or $30. Water is stored in a cistern serving 10 people for domestic, agricultural and livestock use and may last between two to four days. The average American uses between 80-100 gall